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It all starts with an idea.

Turning an idea into real­ity and cre­at­ing a work is al­ways something very spe­cial. We pro­tect your cre­at­ive work and sup­port you in the event of copyright disputes.

We advise all creative people such as mu­si­cians, com­posers, pho­to­graph­ers, de­sign­ers, graph­ic artists, ad­vert­ising agen­cies, au­thors, film­makers and oth­er artists on all leg­al is­sues. This in­cludes in par­tic­u­lar the en­force­ment of copy­rights (ex­ploit­a­tion and per­son­al rights) in the event of leg­al vi­ol­a­tions by third parties and the draft­ing of tail­or-made license agreements.

In copyright law, an in­stru­ment that is of­ten used is a leg­al warn­ing. As a rule, the dead­lines are of­ten short and it is al­ways ur­gent – so please con­tact us in good time so that we can help you in the best possible way.

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