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Competition is good for business – but not everything is allowed in competition either.

We check your marketing meas­ures such as ad­vert­ise­ments, so­cial me­dia post­ings, sales cam­paigns, com­pet­i­tions and web­sites for their leg­al feas­ib­il­ity and take ac­tion on your be­half against il­leg­al ac­tions by your competitors.

If there is a conflict, the first op­tion is to is­sue a warn­ing. This is in­ten­ded to give an in­fringer the op­por­tun­ity to ful­fill a claim for in­junct­ive re­lief without hav­ing to go to court. The dead­line for this is usu­ally very short, of­ten only a week or even a few days. So speed is of the es­sence and there is a risk of an in­junc­tion be­ing is­sued. We ad­vise you on warn­ings is­sued against you, just as we pro­sec­ute leg­al vi­ol­a­tions by third parties for you out of court and in court.

As a former product manager, law­yer Stephan Mathé knows the day-to-day work of mar­ket­ing de­part­ments from his own ex­per­i­ence and is at your side with help and advice at short notice.

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