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“If something is easy to read, then it was difficult to write” – Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Modern companies have been re­ly­ing on the wide reach of in­flu­en­cers for years and their en­gage­ment has already re­placed tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing tools in many places. The great­er the suc­cess, the more likely you are to be in the fo­cus of com­pet­it­ors and control institutions.

We offer influencers com­pre­hens­ive leg­al ad­vice. This in­cludes in par­tic­u­lar com­pet­i­tion law is­sues such as the design of com­pet­i­tions, ad­vert­ising state­ments and your own im­print. This also in­cludes wheth­er and when a so­cial me­dia post­ing has to be marked as "ad­vert­ising". There have now been vari­ous court rul­ings on this, but some of them contradict each other.

In addition, we register brands for our cli­ents and design and ne­go­ti­ate con­tracts with co­oper­a­tion part­ners and brands for in­flu­en­cers and agencies.

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