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Protecting Individual Clients

Mass Me­dia re­port­ing may des­troy the repu­ta­tion.

False state­ments, il­leg­ally pro­duced pho­tos, films or re­port­ing on as­pects of one’s private life – there are many dif­fer­ent forms of vi­ol­a­tion of our in­di­vidu­al cli­ents.

There are, however, also many op­tions for de­fence:

Counter state­ments (Ge­gen­dar­stel­lung) dam­ages for pain and suf­fer­ing (Schmerzens­geld), com­pens­a­tion (Schadens­er­satz), cease and de­sist (Un­ter­las­sung) & re­voc­a­tion (Wider­ruf). The cor­rect re­sponse to a neg­at­ive re­port is not just a ques­tion of law, as a law­suit may have the po­ten­tial to cre­ate new pub­li­city.

The op­tim­al re­sponse to a vi­ol­a­tion is not just a leg­al ques­tion but also re­quires com­mu­nic­a­tion ex­per­i­ence as a law­suit may have the po­ten­tial to cre­ate new pub­li­city. We have ex­per­i­enced all ima­gin­able cases and situ­ations dur­ing the last 35 years and use this ex­per­i­ence suc­cess­fully to ad­vise our cli­ents in the best pos­sible man­ner.

Beckham versus Bauer pub­lish­ing house. A dan­ger­ous case.
„Vi­ol­at­ing me­dia cov­er­age“: Foot­ball-star Dav­id Beck­ham sues Bauer pub­lish­ing house - and plans to also take ac­tion be­fore the US courts.

Bitter tears
A yel­low-press pub­lish­er is sup­posed to have pub­lished an es­tim­ate of 500 in­cor­rect title stor­ies on the Swedish Roy­al Court. This could be­come very ex­pens­ive.

Caroline judgements
The private life of Car­oline Prin­cess of Han­over, formerly Car­oline of Monaco, has fre­quently been sub­ject to pub­lic­a­tions of the yel­low-press.

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